We don’t come with our solution, our clients come with a need and we create the solution that suits them” Rémy Bellavoine, CEO of Pocket Result.

Founded in 2013 by Maÿlis Staub, Pocket Result revolutionizes the decision-making process in many sectors and companiesWhether in the field of sales, marketing, finance, health or human resourcesour solutions are entirely based on the One Size Fits One approach, i.e. tailor-made.   

Created in France, where most of the R&D is carried out, Pocket Result has offices on 3 continents, allowing us to serve more than 150 large corporate clients in some 40 countries. 




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We’re dedicated to help companies transform their big data into actionable information and enable them to uncover the power and hidden growth opportunities. Your data can become unmanageable, difficult to process and complex to translate into actionable information. We help you turn your big data into key performance indicators (KPIs) and intelligent analytics. Going far beyond data visualization, our solutions enable you to make decisions that are relevant to your business, interact with your data in real time and run simulations to manipulate it better. It is even more difficult to translate data into concrete action plans. Our goal is to support you in your decision making by creating collaborative and results-oriented action plans. At Pocket Result, our mission is to accompany you in the co-construction of YOUR augmented analysis solution, ready to use in 4 to 8 weeks, innovative and intuitive to optimize your decision making and translate it into effective action plans!


We believe in co-construction and collaboration with our client partners and our teams thrive by working hand in hand with themWith a diverse, motivated team with the appropriate expertise, we adopt an innovative spirit and a unique perspective with our clients!  

We are passionate about Data, for us when companies make decisions based on data, they make better decisionspromote growth and improve KPIs.   

This belief unites us in the Pocket Result adventure, fuelled by shared values that are fundamental to each of us, which revolve around commitment to our clients, solidarity and team spirit, and accountability: everyone produces remarkable results, from the intern to the CEO.  

Maÿlis STAUB
Founder & DG

Maylis worked for 10 years at SFR, a major French telecommunication company as a marketing executive. At SFR, she created a unique method for measuring marketing performance for outlets called Store Performer

Partner & CEO

Remy has worked for 20 years in the finance industry in Europe, USA and Asia where he made a specialty in leading major transformation programs in 50+ markets and scaling Businesses Internationally. He then co-founded Chekk, a KYC specialist before joining Pocket Result as its CEO, driving international growth at a fast pace

Managing Director, APAC

Boby Johnson has worked and held leadership positions at multinational companies, both in Europe and in Asia, and has ample experience in building, leading and growing businesses, especially in Asian markets where he’s been based (in Singapore) since 2006. Boby also had his own consulting practice during and after his Executive MBA programme at INSEAD. He joined Pocket Result as Managing Director for Asia-Pacific


Pocket Result has a vast network of knowledge, innovation and capabilities that we share with many of our stakeholders and also enables us
to keep improving on our propositions and offerings to our customers.

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