The current market is full of CRM tools, some very complete, but very complex.
Pocket Result offers you a tailor-made solution in order to boost your
your business relationships and optimize customer value!

An all-in-one CRM

Have you always dreamed of a time-saving solution? Here it is! A custom solution covering all your CRM needs. Inspired by the leading tools on the market, you can easily create your marketing campaigns, emailings, event tracking, conversions, or lead generation

Data at your fingertips

Thanks to No-code, we make data science accessible to everyone without technical skills. Our CRM is made for you!

An expertise in AI

Our team offers expertise in the latest technological innovations. Predictive analytics allows us to model your prospects’ behaviors throughout the sales process and accurately predict future trends.

Marketing Sales Managers

Vision of lead maturity and customer loyalty
Customer satisfaction indicators
Segmentation of your database
Implementation of targeted campaigns
Follow-up of operations: e-mailings / events / webmarketing
Monitoring of campaign costs and ROI

Discover our marketing solutions

Save time on consulting information
Access to my clients/prospects in one click!
More reactivity and agility between collaborators
Organization/rationalization of customer/prospect meetings
Management of the agenda and mapping of appointments
Follow-up of my business portfolio
Real-time tracking of my orders
Predictive analysis of sales cycles over several years

Our solutions dedicated to sales

Manage your business with maximum visibility and in real time
All information in a single synthetic tool
Visibility of the history of the customer relationship from the first point of contact
Management of accounting, human resources, all in one!
Decision support with customized dashboards
Track customer processes
Automated reporting
Predictive analysis of customer behavior

Our solutions for SME managers

To go further

You have other objectives or a very specific problem? This includes the HR sphere, you want to know your direct turnover, follow the sales operations of your teams, or map the customer meetings? We can help you achieve your specific objectives.

A chat bot so that employees can ask questions and have access to information in 2 clicks.

The voice interface to simplify the writing of reports.

Gamification with badges and contributions to motivate, federate, and engage sales people.

They trusted us

Our CRM solution for SNCF

Lucette Vanlaecke, Directrice clients et services chez SNCF Réseau, a formulé une problématique très précise. Son besoin était de pouvoir référencer tous les points de contact, les RDV commerciaux et les projets sur une carte et que tous les collaborateurs puissent la consulter. Elle explique que la solution développée par Pocket Result a permis à elle et ses équipes d’avoir accès à la même information et au même moment. Il est aussi très simple de consulter la plateforme et d’importer ses informations.
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