Manage engagement and relationship with your customers

The CRM platform offered by Pocket Result allows you to identify and understand your relationships with high-potential customers and prospects over time. Thanks to intuitive reporting and a streamlined dataviz, our BI CRM tool allows you to record the behaviour and interactions of each individual with your company and thus organize and manage your relationships strategically.


Customer Relationship Management is about managing your commitment and relationships with your current and potential customers. There are various CRM applications that help organizations achieve their CRM goals. However, Pocket Result’s solutions allow you to customize these customer relationships and interactions in a unique way. The design, the graphic palette, the interface, the functionalities… all this is created for you, which allows you to have a CRM that precisely meets your expectations and can be used instantly by your sales force.

Evolutive, its functionalities increase with you and your needs.

Reinvented customer management:

Our BI tool allows you to manage the follow-up of your relationships efficiently thanks to the analysis of all the interactions with your company.

Boost your sales and get more accurate forecasts:

Predictive analytics allows us to model the behavior of your prospects throughout the sales process and accurately predict future trends.


Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty:

This same platform allows you to anticipate user complaints and problems by getting a global view down to the details of each user’s information.

Increase the ROI of your campaigns:

Discover and follow in real time the impact of your different campaigns by channel and highlight the most relevant ones.


Customize communication levers:

The data processing by our CRM software allows companies to adapt their communications with their customers and thus improve the offer of different services and products.

Collaboration as a productivity driver:

Give way to a new social network type CRM allowing the sharing and replication of best practices between teams from different departments. Customer data generated by the marketing department can be exploited by the sales department etc…

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