Ultra-design and dynamic visualization with the most intuitive interface

Whether it’s on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile (IOS and Android), our platform is designed and available on-the-go in real time. It’s very simple and user-friendly with no additional training required for your organization. Further, the stunning interface of the platform gives your teams a renewed pleasure in using analytics to make data-driven decisions

Unleash the understanding and insights of your data: bring it to life

Pocket Result’s data visualization brings your data to life! It allows you to understand and tell the story behind the data in a clear and harmonious way and understand what that means for your business. It’s all about creating intuitive dashboards that make it easier for you to read and understand complex data. Our stunning dashboards allow you to focus and draw your attention to relevant relationships between variables for your decision-making.

Data Storytelling: Create your own fact-based storytelling that make your business grow:

With our interactive data visualization solutions, you can discern the story behind your data so that you can derive more valuable insights from it. Through a powerful interface, our data visualization tool enables you to analyze large volume of data and make it available in real time so that you can instantly detect trends, patterns and values that are critical to the development of your strategies.

Discover the power and narrative of your data by displaying it in a visual context to grasp difficult issues that uncover hidden growth opportunities.

Fully adaptable to your needs

All features, filters, design and engineering are exactly customized according to your needs with end-to-end support from our teams

Full deployment in less than 8 weeks

Live platform with low code development, fully integrated (SSO) and connected platform (API, uploads and downloads), all in 8 weeks

Multi-dispositive, intuitive and transparent

Intuitive UX/UI interface built according to users’ habits and needs with refined visuals

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Discover the power and hidden opportunities of your data : Analyze, Decide and Act!