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From Big Data to decision making for a performent job governance

dashboard BI intuitif analyse prise de décision


You don’t know how to make use of Big Data ? You have more and more datas everywhere, making them workable is difficult, even with BI tools ?

Pocket Result’s  experts & solutions give you all the keys to transform your data to decisionnal KPI, thanks to an intuitive data visualisation.

Visualize all of your Key Performance Indicators at the first sight.

dashboard BI prise de décision


Traditionnals data visualisation tools can just display your results, dans BI tools are way too complex

Compare all your KPIs on a unique screen by period, segment, field … Then make prevision and take action directly from the plateform.

With one click, make simulation to take better decisions.



Where and how generate actions plan immediately and on a unique plateform ?

Pocket Result’s technology express the decision making by action plan you can activate manually or automatically, that enable you to interact with data thanks to a New Generation BI tool’s efficiency

Visualize & optimise you action plan’s performence, and increase your ROI


solution store performer dashboard bi de datavisualisation pour le retail

Manage my Shop Network / outlet / Concession / re-seller


taleau de bord bi de datavisualisation pour les etudes statistiques barometre

Manage my scorecards, barometers, panel digitalization & Studies




Easily generated Business Review

Business Review

forecasts-solution-prévision de ventes-performance-plan d action-mesure-datavisualisation-dashboard

Optimize Sales Forecast




Evaluation of company’s digital maturity



Make use of my teams’ ideas



Optmize innovations’ time-to-market , or transversals innovative Project management

Project Management



Launch your GDPR conformity processes



Manage my financial assets

Assets Management


Digitalize my work council

Work Council

Clients speak about Pocket Result


Marketing Director and R&D

Picard Surgelés France

Pocket Result really manage to adapt and consolidate our datas processing, Picard’s style.
We got a fast BI application, professionnal, and reliable.
It gave the pleasure to work with analytics datas back to my teams.

More than 150 BI plateforms deployed


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