Pocket ResultBI decision making softwares editor

Pocket Result is a SAS company, founded in 2013 by Maÿlis Staub & Christophe Harrer.

 Pocket Result is a SaaS decision making softwares editor.

We develop our own technology to provide new generation BI tools.

Since 2013, Pocket Result revolutionize companies decision making for the marketing, sales, human ressources and finance by offering standardized “job-centric” solutions, that can be personalized depending on each client concern.

Everything starts with the following observation :

With the apearance of Big Data, managers have lost their decision making fonction, to become true “reporting machine”, without any goals or aim. Classic Business Intelligence and data visualisation tools don’t include the possibility to make simulation and prediction through data, with a simple interface. And with that, the possibility to make effective decisions.

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Analyse & Comparison – Decision – Action !


There is no company governance without a decision making tool that is reliable, live, responsive, intuitive & predictive.


To give the pleasure to work with data for predictive purpose to managers back.

To stop the fixed reporting-time wasting, to standardize your reporting reading where you want, whenever you want, and above everything else, to make you able to do what truly interest you when you are investing in a business intelligence solution : find and make decision.


To live the clients’ life

Every day, Pocket Result meets its clients to observe how they use the platforms, get some feedback about their simplicity, their ergonomics and the improvements that can be done.

This approach takes part in our program : “Live the Clients life”.

Key Account in a little startup

In the same spirit, clients like the Workshops organized by Pocket Result in its Office. Live sessions to help them to take in hand the solution, are regular : a user manager can have some time with a developer screen by screen to make sure that everything is ok, making them able to witness the setup of bilateral suggestions, all of that by having a better understanding of the technical aspect and of some of the constraints associated to the demand made. 


Maÿlis STAUB

Founder & CEO

ISC, worked during 10 years in SFR, a big french telecommunication company, as a marketing manager. In SFR, she has created a methode for measuring the outlet marketing performance : Store Performer 



Business Manager

IDRAC PARIS, has worked during 7 years in a software editing company, then became an entrepreneur, by creating his own company, providing solution against flooding : Orisque Distribution. Meticulous, ultra-dynamic and combative, Alexis manage Pocket Result’s business and customers.

A dynamic Ecosystem


Certified JEI
since 2015

Certified IEP
since 2016

More than 150 plateforms deployed