An easy-to-use BI Platformwithin 8 weeks

Project Management

Pocket Result provides a complete support during each stages of your Business Intelligence Dashboard, from the KPI definition to a nice and well thinked data visualisation.

KPIs Workshop

During Workshops, Pocket Results experts help you to :

Define your KPI objective depending on your function, your activity area, the context of your strategic stakes and your issues. 

It Implies :

  • identifying and auditing raw data sources 
  • Conceive these datas algorithms to convert them into KPI
  • Illustrate these KPI in your dashboard with an intuitive, comprehensive and usable data visualisation

At the same time, are provided :

  • Ux workshops
    Platform conception & designConception design de la plateforme
    Navigation & user journey conception
  • User Workshop
    Analyse & management of the number of users, of autorisations (collaborator, administrator, viewer …) or autorisation management by business unit, area, region …) 

Team Project Management

In order to supervise and to keep mutual commitments, Pocket Result provides a team that combine 3 skills & jobs :  

  • A project manager
  • A KPI expert
  • A developer

Change Management

For an efficient and successful deployment of your solution, Pocket Result provides internal formations & promotions. 

Pocket Result offers helps with the taking in hand by forming your teams to use your solution.

Technical Specificities

Pocket Result offers SaaS solutions. For On Premise solutions, contact us.

Architecture réseaux offrant réactivité & puissance de calcul

Storage & Hosting

All of the Pocket Result’s solutions are hosted on Iliad servers, in France, assuring the security and privacy of your data.

Solutions se connectant avec de nombreuses sources de données

Integration Sources

service client à votre disposition

Customer Care

Pocket Result is more than a software editor, it’s also a careful team that listen to its client questions immediately.


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