Create easy to use financial statements and reporting for your organization and partners.

The financial sector is in the throes of many disruptions; some of the major systemic changes are supervisory regulations and technological innovations such as Fintech and Blockchain. These changes are revolutionising the industry and accelerating new ways of working in the sector. Therefore it is important to have in-depth knowledge and valuable insight into the business and the ecosystem. Our platform helps organizations make data-driven financial decisions based on in-depth analysis of their financial data. One of the main goals of the analyses is to discover hidden opportunities and access the essentials in three clicks. Whether you need to generate balance sheets or business analysis, detect fraud, optimize due diligence during a merger or acquisition, analyze investments, develop the right products or focus on the right customers and business segments, our solutions help you gain a sustainable and competitive advantage.

Distribute your dashboard reports to your entire organization in no time while ensuring the integrity and security of your data.

Develop and share your financial reports with better data quality in a collaborative way by distributing them to your entire organization and partners through a fully automated process. Our solutions guarantee the security of your customer and financial data by respecting your security policy, regulatory constraints and by complying with national and international regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) from the European Union (EU).

Protect your data thanks to the complete management of your rights and authorizations.

Let our platform protect your information against all sorts of data leakage and tampering by unauthorized people through effective credential management thar is suited for both complex and matrix organizations.
Our rights and authorization management policy are guaranteed to meet your needs for safety and agility even as your organization evolves.


Combine your data from different sources: internal (XLS, CSV, APIs), external, or entered directly into the solution (customized forms).


Modify your targets and KPIs values directly on the screen without changing tools!

Direct on-screen analysis

In-depth analysis of your financial situation in real-time


We empower companies around the world to turn
their data into valuable insights and enable them to be data-driven in how they manage their financial decision making

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