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Achieving one’s objectives in project management can be difficult given all the issues that arise during the course of a project. Your employees are valuable assets for your organization and hiring them is one of the key strategic functions of HR. Our HR platform solution gives you the ability to identify the right talents, recruit, train, and above all, retain them by giving you full helicopter view visibility so that you can anticipate and take appropriate actions. Pocket Result also supports other HR functions that could add value to your organization, such as learning and development programs, identification of high potentials, development of the right compensation and incentive programs, wellness programs and diversity and inclusion.

An intuitive steering center for a smart organization

With the integration of a user-friendly interface from Pocket Result, your company is able to monitor and manage in real time the evolution and development of your employees, and thereby improve their skills and expertise.

Artificial intelligence at the core of HR services

Powered by a new generation of AI technology, Pocket Result’s HR platform allows you to closely manage your HR services in a whole different way! The platform gives you full control to, for instance, manage your payroll closely, anticipate and curb attrition, motivate your talent pool and promote diversity. The HR platform, with its predictive capabilities, allows you to anticipate risks and needs by measuring the impact of your compensation strategy or the benefits of your diversity and inclusion policies.

Intuitive reporting

Visualize and get a helicopter view of your HR process.

AI embedded

Identify hidden growth opportunities in real time.

Simplified integration

Less training, quicker and lower implementation cost.


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