Data-Driven Marketing: increase your ROI and optimize your activations

How can you improve your activations performance and marketing effectiveness?

It can be difficult to streamline the systematic understanding and analysis of your marketing activation or campaign ROI to see how well you are performing in different areas of your business operations.
Whether it’s managing your distribution channels, customer acquisition levers, in-store activations or ROI of your entire campaign, Pocket Result provides you with the perfect marketing platform, powered by a new generation of AI technology, to generate the best insights and make the right decision that allows you to make your business grow.

Understand and personalize customer journey:

Get a deep understanding of your customers and anticipate their behaviors with great precision so that you can focus your marketing activations on customers and prospects with the most potential. Create a powerful customer engagement through personalized communication and value proposition.  We help companies transform data into valuable information that can help them better understand their customers and, as a result, make better decisions about how, what and when to sell to them.

Generate insights from your customer data:

In this digital age, as customers make more and more purchases online, many organizations collect and have a pool of data at their disposal. Integrate and compile data from different sources such as loyalty programs, sales, marketing surveys, marketing campaigns, customer service and social media onto a single platform that provides you with an in-depth marketing analytics.

Real time

Get a constant update of your marketing activations in real time through defined KPIs embedded into the platform.

Data storytelling

Understand and tell the story behind each customer through a seamless and intuitive interface.


Embrace an intelligent configuration that allows you to optimize collaboration between your teams.


Pocket Result will help you to generate valuable
customer insights allowing you to better understand
and serve your customers.

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