Improve your sales performance with a better sales prediction and forecasting process.

Many managers and sales executives spend a lot of time trying to build their sales forecasts and projections by combining past data, current revenues, market trends and sales projections, but the time spent makes it increasingly difficult to focus on the business and customers. Our enhanced data analysis sales solution helps organizations to build optimal sales forecasts and projections. With our solution platform, powered by latest AI and machine learning technologies, organizations can seamlessly combine past data, revenue, market trends and sales projections to generate optimal sales strategies. The platform supports organizations to build and manage their sales forecasts and make future projections with different scenarios, while seeing the potential effect of each scenario on your KPIs in real time and with streamlined and user-friendly data visualization.

Transform your sales data into powerful sales weapons in minutes!

Many organizations use a lot of resources and spend too much time preparing business balance sheets and working with a huge amount of data in various tools, including Excel, to finalize their current plan and make future projections in real time. Pocket Result’s solutions, with its intuitive and low-code platform, allow you to optimize your sales force allocation and maximize your sales potential. Our platform is not just a reporting tool, it’s more than that! It allows organizations to automate and manage all sales activities while saving sales personnel time that they can spend with customers. The platform also enables sales personnel to share best practices and collaborate more effectively.

Customize every sales process:

The platform gives organizations a competitive advantage by supporting them in creating personalized interactions that meet customers’ expectations and maximize customer value.

Time-based analysis

Compare your results over different time periods to better understand your data and deduce trends.


What if scenarios

Scenario planning allows you to respond more quickly and effectively to alternative situations and better manage your sales strategies.



Our platform is multidevice. Whether it’s on laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone you have real time access to your platform anytime, anywhere, on-the go!


We empower companies around the world to turn
their data that into valuable insights and enable
to be data-driven in their sales management.

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