Permanent Control process

For which sector ?

This platform is intended for Financial Institutions, and already used by Tier 1 Banks and Insurance Companies. We also address operational risk management and compliance for ETIs and Large Groups, all sectors combined.

For whom ?

For all professions involved in permanent control: compliance teams, internal audit, team leaders, department directors and managers. All those who need to steer, control their actions and assess their risks.

For what needs ?

Modular solution : only use the bricks that you need. Centralise risk management to ensure prevention and treatment on a single platform. Save time by automating continuous monitoring reports, repetitive actions, and self-assessment forms. Set up a risk-reduction and risk anticipation strategy.

The permanent control solution

Build, consolidate or complete your risk management framework

Your teams can build or integrate a control framework.  With more than 150 connectors and an unlimited potential to interface with additional systems, you can import all the data needed to build your repository and complete it by entering data directly from your application.

The level of each risk is assessed according to YOUR criteria, and the associated correction processes can be adapted according to this scale.

Control plans can be shared, copied and adapted between different entities.  Our solution is therefore collaborative and dynamic, as it adapts in real time to your risk mapping.

Pilot, plan and monitor all controls

Our solution provides you with a global overview of on the corrections in progress. With one click, you can access details of a particular risk correction process. A checklist and a timeline informs you of the correction process progress.

You can also automate your workflow, by assigning a specific correction process to an entire risk typology. The corrections management is therefore automated by the platform: save time while keeping full control of the processes.

Numerous views are available: charts, tables and maps adapted to your organization and network. You can use filters and select geographical areas that interest you to compare the indicators’ evolution in real time.

Risk-based assessment

Pocket Result’s solution allows to adopt a risk-based approach using your own risk assessment engine, or adapting the algorithms already embedded in the solution to your logic.

You can monitor your risks and controls in real time and ensure appropriate coverage in order to save time on the steps to be taken. Data visualization is a strength of this solution, it has been specifically designed to simplify and drive innovation in risk management within mid-sized and large organisations. To this end, notifications and alerts can be automatically generated. You are naturally prompted to take decisions by setting up action and remediation plans.

Real-time monitoring of action and remediation plans

Monitor in real time the action and remediation plans you have deployed. Collaboration is key: you can share your action plans and best practices with your entire ecosystem.

Pocket Result offers innovative solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence. Our Permanent Control solution is equipped with Machine Learning, which enables the solution itself to automatically suggest remediation actions according to the risks identified. The configuration of predictive scenarios also enables your teams to anticipate and minimise risks by proposing appropriate remediation processes.

5. A fully adaptable, flexible and secure application

Our permanent control platform is fully customisable: you can add your logo, your colours, it’s your corporate identity that is enhanced. The solution adapts to your organisation: you can create your own workflows and processes and organise your notifications and your risk assessment logic.

All data is secured, fully meeting compliance and regulatory framework, such as GDPR this need for compliance within a regulatory framework. Data security governance is strong and full audit trails are available.

A permanent control solution that meets the requirements of our clients

Client’s benefits


Manage risk management with a complete and modular solution


Control all risks in order to reduce or cancel out their potential impact on your organisation


Mapp and consult the evolution of all identified risks


Monitor KPIs in real time


Import, modify, complete, collate frameworks


Have clear, scalable and detailed processes

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