The Renault group is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturer through its Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. As one of the long-standing companies with French heritage, Renault is one of the world’s leading automobile brands with around 3.18 million vehicles sold worldwide in 2018.

  • Data collection and centralization from all over the world
  • Harmonization of reporting, monitoring and comparison of historical data
  • Better knowledge and insights of partners and importers with relevant and reliable KPIs
  • Save time on data analysis
  • Generate action plans and measure their performances

What were your needs?


“First of all, we wanted to know and understand our partners and importers better, and secondly, we wanted to reliably report local data from around the world that has been documented and imported by many of our users. Finally, we wanted a measurement and rating tool based on 3 key indicators: Performance, Process and Partnership.”

What were your priorities?


“We’ve been analyzing and processing a lot of our data on Excel files in previous years, and that did not allow us to have accurate data reporting and data comparison. Moreover, we didn’t have as many contributors or users as we have today, which makes it harder for us to continue to use Excel as an analytics tool.
The time spent on generating reports and reviews from these Excel files was a lot, leading to lack of willingness to be data-driven as the whole was process was time-consuming and energy-draining for our staff. This had to stop!!!”

Which solutions did you adopt and implement?


“We have implemented the 5 Stars solution, a digital platform, in which all our teams can, for example, directly put their data online with descriptions and comments, which allows us to process them and above all to generate action plans. This is really effective when we want to work on our strategies and generate action plans.”

The adjectives that come to mind when you think of Pocket Result?


“The adaptability and simplicity of their solutions
The partnership and responsiveness of the Pocket Result teams
Availability of their support team. “

Why would you recommend Pocket Result?


“They are truly a force in proposing and establishing good analytics practices in our business. They provide us with customized solutions that advance and elevate our thinking, and they also have real expertise in KPI definition and formulation. They really helped us to transform our raw data into analytics and decision-making KPIs, and that enables us to take the right decisions and generate the right action plans. It’s more than just Business Intelligence, it’s an efficient and effective decision- making support tool from Pocket Result.”

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