Picard Surgelés

Picard Surgelés is a French food company that specializes in confectionery and distribution of frozen products. As market leader in this sector in France, Picard is a historical French company with a network of more than 950 stores.

  • Structure and harmonize reports of the marketing department
  • Improve reports generation & sharing (KPIs, surveys, BI, visuals)
  • Save time on generating reports

What are your major challenges?


“It was very important for me that the teams stopped wasting time on analyzing their data. We had different teams that were making graphs of all types, pie charts, curves, etc. All of these made our reports not at all consistent and also difficult to use during business presentations and reviews. However, we had vast amount of data that we wanted to analyze and use to create quantitative analyses of our products, our sales, but also of the competition. And we were doing all this in an infinite Excel sheets with a never-ending accumulation of tabs: not really efficient and effective! Moreover, with the large number of data that was scattered all over the place and needed to be centralized, it was not easy to simply obtain a coherent database. Our reporting had just become a big issue for us.”

Which solutions did you adopt and implement?


“During our collaboration with Pocket Result, two tools were developed. Firstly, we created and gained access to the Scrap Book developed for us, in which all our teams can, for example, directly upload data and visuals of our products and that of our competition with descriptions and comments, which allows us to sort them later. This is really effective for us when we want to work on, for instance, our strategy or just generate ideas.
Secondly, we have also been digitizing our Nielsen panel for 3 years now, and it’s helping us to develop ultra-designed dashboards with multiple and adaptable filter possibilities. These analytics dashboards, with a lot of data and visuals including those of our competitors, has helped us to build positive awareness about using data analysis and also creating data-driven culture with my teams.”

In what ways are Pocket Result’s solutions Must Haves?


“Pocket Result has really succeeded in adapting and consolidating our data processing model, the Picard’s way! We got fast, professional and above all very reliable platform from Pocket Result. This has given my teams the pleasure of analyzing and working with figures, freeing them from the “hell” of reporting.”

Why would you recommend Pocket Result?


“Pocket Result has the ability to link quantitative data with actual understanding of business issues. With this, they are able to format and process relevant data into valuable insights, which can be used directly in budget or strategy analysis as in Picard’s case.”

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