Altavia ShopperMind

ShopperMind is Altavia Group’s laboratory for studying and forecasting new
trends in distribution and consumption. It supports its customers by drawing
on its in-depth knowledge of consumers in retail and retail innovations

  • Save time on data analysis
  • Enhance Altavia-ShopperMind’s innovative and forward-thinking image by creating state-
    of-the-art and easy-to-use data visualization

What are the challenges you needed to solve?

Jean-Marc Megnin

“With frequent release of our barometer, we need to visualize our results, and be able to interact with them and sort and filter them in different ways. We also need to be able to have a more effective visibility to facilitate our reporting task which had become too time-consuming.”

Which solutions did you adopt and implement?

Jean-Marc Megnin

“Pocket Result has helped us to develop a visualization platform for updating our barometer results that we now use to present them in a clear and adaptable way; all in accordance to our needs; for example results between different brands, products, etc.”

In what ways are Pocket Result’s solutions a must have?

Jean-Marc Megnin

“It was important for us to work with a partner that we could trust. The most important thing for us was to have a platform that was reliable, fast and easy to use, and also adds value to our results. Pocket Result was therefore the perfect solution for us, which proved to be essential to our business. We also needed a platform that can cater to our international need as our Shopper Value Barometer is international. As such, this requires providing our local Business Units with a simple and practical platform that would allow them to process data and extract their own information and analysis without having to rely on the Altavia Shoppermind central team. This “multilingual” platform has evolved and matured over 4 years thanks to Pocket Result and is highly praised by our sales teams because its simplicity and adaptability make it easy to use and for the last two years it has been possible to mix quantitative and qualitative data.”

Why would you recommend Pocket Result?

Jean-Marc Megnin

“Despite the unexpected, the time constraints imposed on the team and the requirements of our BUs, Pocket Result were very responsive, collaborative and professional, and they delivered an effective platform that really excites our partners and teams. They have clearly helped us to elevate our data analysis and reduce the amount of time we spend on it.”

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