Win Report Sme Program , an innovative partnership !

The recognized expertise made in Margy combines with the technological expertise of Pocket Result.


The principle ? To outsource the management of your reports with security and simplicity ! 


The goal ? to facilitate the analysis of your performance and simplify the decision-making process for managers ; decisions based on the data that matters to you. 


How do you do it ? we take care of everything. No need to learn new software or to spend hours understanding your data : that is the principle of outsourcing, and the heart of our unique proposition.  

You don't suspect what the data can do for you

Continuous improvement of our unique proposition is at the heart of our “WIN REPORT SME” solution.  Pocket Result is committed to its customers to regularly produce all the dashboards of their activity, to enable them to quickly and efficiently improve the operational and financial systems of their company by identifying :  


1.    Cost reduction opportunities


2.   Improvements and consistency of the customer portfolio and services sold


3.    The ability to generate internal productivity and efficiency gains


4.   The optimization of their financial processes to reduce risks and processing errors

Go further with your data

But above all, we are committed to go further with our clients who wish to do so and to address more issues such as marketing, HR,…


Our proprietary Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms allow you to go further in your analyses, to make forecasts, to analyze your customers’ feedback with Natural Language Recognition (NLP), etc.


The biggest concern is not what needs to be done or not done, but rather that there is not enough time or resources to do it. Thanks to the “WIN REPORT SME” program, decision-makers and managers have more freedom to focus on their core business.


Outsource for better performance

Save time with an ultra-visual reporting outsourcing solution with the ability to perform in-depth real-time analysis of your performance.

No more choosing between your different tools

More than 150 connectors are at your disposal to connect your current applications or existing management tools and centralize all your data directly within WinReport.  

Complete library of dashboards !

Choose reports and dashboards specific to each user, from the CEO to operational staff. Whether you are a start-up, an SME or an ETI, you are naturally encouraged to use entire graphs and dashboards covering your situation and your business.

No training

The solution is very intuitive and does not require any training. Enter into familiar territory thanks to a UX/UI interface ahead of the market leaders and intuitive analyses! Its implementation is carried out directly within the company, to have all the information up to date.

No more static and fixed graphs !

Visuals are dynamic and allow you to play with your data from all possible and imaginable angles. Simply carry out your follow-up through the quarterly reviews of the tool’s use optimizations and all the dashboards. 

A complete support for SMEs
  • Adopting the WIN REPORT SMB program means benefiting from an Analytical solution entirely adapted to your specific needs and an extensive library of reports allowing you to simplify the management of your company.


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